500 Premium Lightroom Presets

Mega Bundle Premium Lightroom Presets
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    $ 89.99

    500 Premium Lightroom Presets

    27 super professional products in the form of one product


    All collections in one set.

    The presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and the Adobe Creative Cloud. (RAW, JPEG and TIFF)

    Pastel Presets developed these presets to speed up your workflow and are working best with a properly exposed and white balanced photo.
    Pastel Presets has tested the presets with a great variety of photos.
    Most presets are one-click presets, some are layerable. Instructions are included.

    Workflow 50 presets Newborn-Baby 30 presets Wedding 20 presets Vintage 60 presets Retro 40 presets Urban 14 presets
    Black & White 16 presets Black & White color 17 presets Autumn 50 presets Spring 60 presets Summer 50 presets Winter 20 presets
    Matte 50 presets Holiday 16 presets Vignette 10 presets Color 10 presets Romantic 13 presets Snow 10 presets

    500 Premium Lightroom Presets
    500 Premium Lightroom Presets

    What are Lightroom presets?

    A Lightroom preset is a filter with predetermined settings and it can get you close to the desired effect quickly.
    It helps in post-processing or photo editing, saves time & energy, and most importantly it allows us to achieve certain looks that are hard to achieve.

    Remember, a Lightroom preset isn’t a magic wand. Sometimes, it might nail it right out of the gate, and sometimes it might not.
    What it does though is very quickly get you close to the desired effect, and then you can tweak it to your vision.

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